About Alam Biryani™

Considered the oldest family name in Moradabadi Biryani, Alam Biryani
is as rich in history as its biryani is in flavor.

“In a world where “authentic biryani” is used more as a phrase rather than served as a dish, we at Alam Biryani have made it our goal to serve truly authentic, Hyderabadi Biryani / Moradabadi Biryani to those who know the taste that goes with that promise. Using the finest ingredients, our chefs cook a vast array of Tikkas, Kebabs and Curries, which are specially chosen to complement our world class Biryani selection. All of this is also available together in the form of Combos and Super Saver packs aimed at making the experience of dining with family and friends all the more enjoyable. Amazing Biryani, the best accompanying dishes and good times with family and friends, in short: A Biryani lover’s paradise.”

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